Breaking the paradox! Driving the new brand's attitude while making a new high in sales.

Building a brand while making sales in 'functional drink' category is always a challenge. As functional as it may sound, in contrary, it is driven mainly by emotions. At the time, Sappe was moving its...

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Leading a way towards new consumer insights. Air Conditioner will never look the same.

In strengthening the leading position in Consumer Household Electric Appliance, Samsung Thailand had launched new innovation of air-conditioning, Samsung Triangle.

With the unique quality o...

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Glamorously Professionale. Drive leadership image through South East Asia.

Major chunk of business in Hair Care category is happening in hair salon. This professional B2B network is one of the most extensive retail networks in South East Asia.

To drive a vibe of n...

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Revolutionize insurance marketing through revolution of modern parenting.

Moving towards Engagement Marketing Era, marketing automation and mass personalization have become key success of today’s marketing - especially with high-involvement products like insurance. Under ...

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A Million Cup a day in Japan. First chilled cup fresh coffee that hit Thai market!

Inspired by cinematic landscape of Mt.Rainier in United States, Mt.Raineir chilled cup coffee has been readily serving Japanese people at about one million cups daily for decade.

First intro...

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NeuMerlin X Magnolia : NO NONSENSE

Content management as the key to engagement marketing : When implementing engagement marketing across the funnel, invest in proper content management as the basic block for building success

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Micro-Moments Self research before paying, seek advice before selling

These days, the power and speed of 4G networks in Thailand is being utilized more than ever, as smartphones become more accessible to a wider market. These ever-more powerful devices accompany many consumers through virtually every waking minute, and they are constantly being checked throughout the day a few minutes at a time, so what we are seeing is the emergence of the Micro-Moment phenomena.

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Always On : Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

As mentioned, searching for reviews and product comparisons is becoming second nature for many consumers, so it is vital to make sure that content addressing these needs is carefully targeted to properly satisfy this behavior. No matter what sales channel, it is therefore important to understand strategy in embracing the concept of

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Through the power of diversity, we can achieve challenging goals. We work, experiment and have fun together in stretching for the best result in crafting our communication work. We leverage others’ strengths in team-working to create a synergistic communication solution that answers business objectives. Blended together - we summon the power of innovated creativity

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