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More than just a hospital, but a provider of holistic patient care

ViMUT Hospital takes a strategic approach to go beyond the role of a traditional hospital by providing holistic care that aims to prevent, cure, and rehabilitate patients' health. With our dedicated team of specialists, #YourPersonalMedicTeam, we ensure that every aspect of a patient's case is carefully considered, allowing them to continue living their normal lives.

More than just a Doctor, your trusted family physician

In the first quarter of 2023, we launched the "Holistic Care" campaign featuring #YourPersonalMedicTeam. This campaign aims to convey that at ViMUT, we not only treat diseases but also strive to uncover their root causes, as well as address their impact on the patient's family members. Through our team of specialized doctors who delve deep into genetic and environmental factors, we design accurate treatments tailored to the underlying causes that may affect both the patient and their family members.

When your loved ones are in pain, you feel their pain too

This insight comes from our target audience, the 'Sandwich Generation,' who tirelessly care for both the younger and older generations in their households. Based on this understanding, we created a video ad that presents the perspective of "The Carrier" (the nickname for the sandwich generation) as they juggle the responsibilities of taking care of their elderly parents and children, often neglecting their own well-being.

With #YourPersonalMedicTeam led by ViMUT’s Family Physicians, we listen attentively to all the details of your life, both physically and mentally, to help resolve family problems from every angle and alleviate the worries of "The Carrier," making them feel supported throughout their journey.

Segmenting Audiences

Using the video ads as our primary material and building on the same insight, we have created various materials tailored to different touchpoints, targeting three main groups: the Sandwich Generation, Silver Mobile (Elder), and Working Moms. The content is further segmented based on diseases that are common among each specific target group, highlighting ViMUT's specialized doctors in those areas. By closely monitoring ad keywords, we ensure that the Holistic Care #YourPersonalMedicTeam campaign reaches the intended target groups effectively. The result? the campaign achieved all key performance indicators with only half of the intended budget.

For those interested in holistic medical check-ups for yourselves and families, please visit:

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