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Toshiba #DetailsMatter

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For a long time, 'TOSHIBA BRINGS GOOD THINGS TO LIFE' has been a slogan familiar to all Thais

As a leading technology brand for electronic household appliances that have been a part of Thai people's lives throughout the years, TOSHIBA now seeks to emphasize its commitment to every little detail of consumers' needs. Hence, the launch of the global campaign #DetailsMatter, aimed at assuring customers that TOSHIBA will continue to provide what they truly require and MORE, enabling everyone to live the life they desire.

Imagine having every detail of your life taken care of... How much better could our everyday lives be?

Our team has chosen to tell the story of 'A Day in the Life' of a couple with a kitten, showcasing various activities that align with the features of TOSHIBA's home appliances, which cater to the detailed needs of both humans and their pets. By fulfilling all their needs (human and cat), they share moments of joy throughout the day.

Furthermore, TOSHIBA wishes to encourage everyone to cherish each moment spent with their loved ones while still fully living the life they desire. This reinforces the concept of #DetailsMatter for TOSHIBA—because your every details matter to us.

Are you ready to embrace the life you've always wanted? #DetailsMatter. We care for all your detailed needs.

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