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Great product and great attitude of sustainable beauty can come in many forms.

In strengthen the brand proposition of “Beauty is not a Coincidence”, SAPPE launched its new product variance, “SAPPE Beati-Jelly”. This new functional drinking jelly comes with 2 formulas; collagen jelly and fibre mixed jelly.

Despite the new format, benefits and different consumption occasion of its new variance, SAPPE aimed to emphasise on existing brand idea through the target insight by the most common social network experience that anyone has encountered and difficult to avoid which is “gossiping”. According to the social network behaviour, the spread of gossip and rumours has been increasing without any careful scrutiny and it commonly leads to misconception, notorious scandals and destroy people mental health.

The team presents these stories to deliver a new attitude which will encourage consumers to get over the uncontrollable anxious thoughts and focus on the actions that individuals can take for themselves.

This is an introduction of a new product together with an idea that aims to support the reach of self-care and to raise up the social standards under the brand attitude of sustainable beauty. Because “Beauty is not a Coincidence”.

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New Product Keyvisual
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