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Ponstan by Pfizer

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Let’s end all pains right here!

Challenge : Pfizer wants to re-introduce one of its analgesic brand to be registered as No. 1 solution in pain relieve medicine category in Thailand. The ultimate goal is to create a new positioning, that Ponstan is not only the PMS cramps pill but it’s a women’s trusted partner.

Issue : First of all, Ponstan has been known as one of the most effective PMS pain killer, not for other kind of pains. Many marketing campaigns had been done to support other benefits, but not yet strong enough to sustain in a long term. Secondly, Thailand’s law is a big obstacle toward direct medicine selling message and branding advertising, which we respect that and keep this limitation in our minds during this campaign development.

Solution : Girls love to be taken care of and surrounded with their loved ones, esp. during their hard times. From this insight, Pfizer sends a lovely yellow teddy-bear lookalike, named “PONTY” to be a representative of girls’ best friend to stay besides them every time they are facing their pains. PONTY bear and its teammate, a pharmacist, help enhancing girls to STOP BEARING & BEAT ALL PAINs, empower them to make the most of their healthier lives.

 Big Idea : “Let’s end all pains right here!” or “ให้ความปวดจบลงตรงนี้ ” in Thai

Execution : Women’s pains are vary in types and situations, with one common thing; they ruin women’s healthy lives, i.e. an instant migraine that would kill all life activities once it happens, or a terrible toothache during important work hours when no one can get to see a dentist right away, etc. We utilise these situations to create a funny and catchy storytelling of how PONTY and its teammate are women’s great pain reliever. We made sure all materials are single-minded communicated, so PONTY bear will be established and remembered as an “all pains reliever” strongly!

Deliverable : Series of Webfilm to convey the key message of “Let’s end all pains right here!” as a HERO material, while other HUB/HELP contents in Facebook fanpage named “พี่หมีแคร์ทุกปวด” (a BEAR who takes care of all pains), convey about other pains that Ponstan can be a help. PONTY bear merchandises are also important materials, to support a wider perception of being women’s best friend in many direct touch-points, i.e. schools, drugstores, etc.

Result : The campaign is still running, with more than 600K views of the VDO in youtube channel, we know this going to be a great long-term marketing solution for Pfizer. Every time girls meet PONTY bear and its teammate, they will be reminded of trusted friends who are always be there when they need to end their all kind of body pains, not only PMS pain.

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