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Olay Super Serum

Olay Super Serum

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Olay wants to launch their new product 'Olay Super Serum' with it distinctive key benefits 'Act across skin layers more than the ordinary fomular.
In order to introduce this product to Thai women target, we start from understanding their pain points of Thai women targets.


We discovered that most of Thai women targets believe that their facial serum's quality is depends on it's ingredients. However, even they've used tons of facial serum with hight quality ingredients, they still have the same gloomy and dull face.


Fact is, no matter how great of each serum ingredients they choose, it doesn't work if it isn't penetrate deep enough under our skin surfaces. If we can acknowledge all targets about this fact, they will understand why the serum they use everyday never work and discover the real solution that can bright up their gloomy face with in only a few months.

The Idea

We create 15s online filme and 15s TVC, delivering the key msg. 'Real serum must be penetrated more than 40% under your skin surface'.

The execution

At the opening of he film, we visualize target's pain point with surreal story of one woman who wake up and walk into her bathroom, open the wall-hanged drawer then surprise with tons of used serum bottles which overflow into her wash basin. Then we turns to an informative computer graphic scene that visualize how 'Olay Super Serum' be absorbed under skin surface and penetrate across skin layers 40% more than ordinary fomular serum, and end up with the product shot with memorising key visual.

The result

Olay super serum online film grabs online target attention for more than 100k views and 500 + engagement within a week with an impressive number of CTA click that traffic to online purchasing process.

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