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Crafting a Narrative of Home to Touch the Viewer’s Heart

Various factors influence the decisions of potential homebuyers, with one critical aspect being a house that resonates with the owner’s lifestyle and reflects a genuine understanding of real-life circumstances. Homes constructed with this mindset not only address the homeowner's needs but also create opportunities to embrace new residents.

The "Kunalai" brand has consistently resonated with the people of Bang Bua Thong, symbolizing a brand that builds homes rooted in a profound understanding of homeowners' real-life situations. Kunalai aims to convey how their houses are crafted to #AddColorsOfHappinessToYourLife.

Living in a Beloved Home Infused with Genuine Happiness

Under the overarching concept of "Add Colors of Happiness to Your Life," Kunalai ensures that every aspect of their projects, from detached or duplex houses to townhomes, commercial buildings, gardens, swimming pools, fitness centers, and other facilities, is tailored to the real-life circumstances of homeowners. Even for those recently relocating to the suburbs, Kunalai offers the perfect home that aligns seamlessly with their chosen lifestyle.

This philosophy gave rise to our ideas to utilize the use of Branded and KOL (Key Opinion Leader) video content, presenting two distinct perspectives to affirm that Kunalai’s homes indeed add vibrancy to one's life. Regardless of your lifestyle, Kunalai promises to infuse happiness into every corner of your living experience.

Discover the Home that Reflects You

Branded videos unfold the story from the brand's standpoint, showcasing houses that align with specific lifestyles. From expansive duplex homes with cozy decor suited for large families to premium British-style houses designed for luxury and privacy, each video focuses on four house styles, guiding viewers through the path from the front porch through its interiors, shared facilities, and emphasizing all unique selling points.

Match Your Lifestyle with Your Dream Home

KOL review videos, on the other hand, offer a homeowner's perspective. Each video highlights the lifestyle of a KOL that perfectly matches a specific Kunalai home. Whether it's a preference for the tranquility of nature, a love for pets, or a need for room partitioning, these videos explore four lifestyles that match four different Kunalai houses and tell a story all through the lens of each KOL's unique lifestyle.

Revolutionizing House Sales via Mobile Platforms

In addition to the dual-perspective video strategy, we employ vertical-sized videos tailored to viewers who habitually browse through their mobile phones. All videos are also produced using mobile phones, conveying a friendly, accessible approach that aligns with viewers' content preferences, fostering a call to action for viewers to connect with the brand.

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