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Home is not a safe-place anymore

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Home is not a safe-place anymore

Clients : Prevna / Pfizer Thailand

The brief 

Prevna Thailand  wanted to invite all Thai parents to take their babies for getting full IPD vaccination due to the covid-19 situatio


Most Thai parents believe that staying at home could reduce their children's risk. The afraid of taking children out of home during COVID-19 pandemic causes more risk for children who have already reached the proper ages but still haven't got full program of IPD immunisation.


Since they believe that home is the safest place for their children, so we've planed to visualise how dangerous place it is, when their children stay home without getting full IPD vaccination at the proper ages.

Idea Solution

NMG created campaign called "Home is not a safe-place anymore", encouraging all parents to understand more about their children risk which could be increased even though they are staying at home. We also informed all the audiences about the danger of IPD which is a course of several  harmful children sickness, especially, the harm it can make with children lung.


We created Key Visual which can generate the impact and grab target's attention, visualising how the IPD monster gang is close to their children at home. We also created informative brochure and campaign supported online content, informing all target about the fact of IPD, the risk they've forgotten to aware and the right way to protect their children from all IPD danger in this era. 

In order to spread out our key msg. among Thai online user parents, we also created Instagram AR Game, together with Asian Parent website, our activity allowed all the target who enjoy shooting picture or recording videos of their children to play our game. The game contains graphic elements and information that  inform the players about IPD dangers and the right way to avoid it while playing. Whoever've played our game and shared it thru social media will get a chance to receive the rewards at  clinic or hospital near their place.


After launching the campaign, we collected more than 1M impressions from online target, more than 6k engagements and almost 200 shares with in 10 days.

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