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Family Lung Fit Challenge

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The Campaign #FamilyLungFitChallenge

Most Thais believe that pneumonia is only caused by influenza, but few are aware that pneumococcus can also be a significant cause. For elders whose aging immune systems lose the ability to protect against infections, they have become the highest-risk group.

Family is of utmost importance, so “Are you ready?” to take care of each other?

With the brief from Prevnar, Pfizer Thailand, who aim to communicate the dangers of pneumococcal infections to elders and stress the importance of receiving the Pneumococcal vaccine before it's too late, our team conducted research on the target audience. We discovered that the working class, who have elderly family members living with them, are more likely to take their parents to get the Pneumococcal vaccine. With this insight, we have crafted the key message "#PromptYoung" to encourage the working class to be prepared and have their parents vaccinated against pneumococcal disease.

The Campaign: #FamilyLungFitChallenge

This is a fun and straightforward dancing exercise with lively music related to "Lungs." We've enlisted KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who have a family-friendly image, such as Kody & Mommy from the happy retire page, to lead the dance routine and invite the working class to encourage their parents to participate in this fun activity, helping their lungs stay fit and promoting Pneumococcal vaccination for their loved ones.

Furthermore, we have launched educational content about pneumonia caused by Pneumococcal infection to raise awareness and correct misconceptions. This way, pneumonia can be effectively prevented by receiving vaccination from Prevnar (Pfizer Thailand).

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