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Casio Watches Thailand (CMG) Product : G-MS MSG-S200 Series

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To deliver the brand belief that ' the most beautiful woman is the one who sees her own value and proud to be herself.

Challenge :

Creating a new brand’s attitude, together with a new product launch is always a great challenge of how to balance and deliver both of them in a single-minded message. Moreover, this is an online awareness campaign to reach a super-crowded segment, young-adult Thai female. It’s important that the creative execution can captivate their attention.

Issue :

Most people confuse G-MS with BABY-G. In fact, G-MS is a brand for a grown-up young ladies, while BABY-G has been a brand for teenagers.

Solution :

We highlight a solid image of G-MS, as a brand that supports young ladies to discover their own identity and proud of themselves through a creation of G-MS music VDO, the covered version of all-time favourite love song "ชั่วโมงต้องมนต์ (Magical Moment)”.

Big IDEA :

G-MS makes every moment to become a “Magical Moment” for all ladies’ style.

Deliverable :

Online Music VDO (3.42min), Engagement Activity and Creative Content on Social Media Platform

Execution :

An online campaign named 'Be You Be G-MS was launched, with an adorable music VDO, featured 6 online influencers who got different characteristic and lifestyle. The 6 young-ladies sang "ชั่วโมงต้องมนต์ (Magical Moment)" song in their own way, dancing in their own style and enjoy being themselves with no pretending to be others. The music VDO reached the audience through a strategic push online media. Its playful-candid mood & tone successfully invited them to engage with the VDO and activity - joining G-MS to express the styles they are into, to deliver the brand belief that 'the most beautiful woman is the one who sees her own value and proud to be herself.

Result :

The campaign has proven that target has recognised G-MS as a brand that supports all woman's self esteem and eventually can differentiate it from BABY-G. The music VDO was shared for 300 times and viewed in Social Media 230,000 times.

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