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AIA Health Saver

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‘AIA Health Happy,’ a flat-fee coverage health insurance plan

‘AIA Health Happy,’ a flat-fee coverage health insurance plan, became increasingly popular last year. However, it still fails to provide the coverage for those with limited income and therefore, became the start of the new flat-fee coverage package “AIA Health Saver” which is more suitable for the cost sensitive segment.

With affordable prices, target segment can now have coverage which includes medical expenses in case of outpatient (OPD), and able receive a 1 time double benefits for treatment if they are admitted with 6 critical illness diseases. 

After a detailed conversation with the budget conscious Thais who are unable to get access to flat rate health insurance available in the market, we found out the issues they all have in common. Neigher it is the coverage from Social Security they had nor a limited budget health insurance plan, are not enough to cover the expenses when they became sick. They still have to make advance payment upfront.

Therefore a cost-friendly plan with better coverage: ‘AIA Health Saver’ was introduced. With desired thinking of ‘Better than any other’ and ‘Saver’ using Thai puns, we communicate both ‘More’ coverage and ‘Save’ more money than any other health insurance brands that target have ever seen in Thailand. 

When it comes to exaggeration, or ‘Ver’ in Thai, what comes in to most of Thais’ mind are the well known after-new soap opera which often features Mr. Mike Phatradech. As a famous actor, he fits the role for the presenter for AIA Health Saver with the theme ‘Real life is stranger than fiction’

As most scenes in drama often get larger than life, in reality we also often encounter something that is almost unreal when we get sick too. A problem that is much more complicated than expected often arises in real life. By mimicking the over exaggerated treatment scene we often seen in dramas where the lead male character took care of all medical expenses effortlessly to create a contrast in real life where unexpected problems often arise.

This became the idea for the promotional video for AIA Health Saver campaign. The story features sarcasm and satire to compare Thai soap operas and in real life through the use of 4 real life representatives from 4 regions of Thailand who are admitted in hospital. Each representative is watching soap opera of  Mike while he is taking care of sick female protagonist and compare to their real life problem where insurance does not cover their expenses and therefore they should choose health insurance that could “Save” their real life as good as in soap opera. 

The message emphasize a real life more (Ver) than expected of AIA Health Saver through using pun of ‘Ver’:

Flat fee ‘dee Ver’
OPD coverage often ‘Ver’

6 critical illness coverage benefit ‘yer Ver’
Serious illness but pays light ‘Ver’

And was made into 4 different versions each with dialects from each region of Thailand. The font style are chosen from its playful and lively mood to be able to reach Thai people from all regions effectively.

This AIA Health Saver campaign is made to effectively convey the message, create awareness to target, and be within target’s reach. So if they get sick, they can save themselves, save their money, and save their real life with AIA Health Saver, better than EVER and SaVER in all Thai regions. 

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