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Endless loves form AIA to you and loved ones

What Parents May Have Forgotten

AIA's health insurance is ranked as the number one choice for parents in the sandwich generation, who wish to provide the best possible care for their children. Whether it's acquiring health insurance for their children from elementary school with comprehensive treatment coverage or selecting packages with various features, they tailor their coverage to meet the specific needs of their loved ones. But what about themselves? What will happen if they become ill?

Prioritize Self-Care Before Caring for Others

Our mission is to convey this message to sandwich generation parents: What if they face a critical illness in the future? Who will look after their family then? The love and support they aim to provide for their children might be interrupted by exorbitant hospital bills and lengthy recovery periods. Being prepared with critical illness insurance now can provide greater assurance for the future of their families.

Love Your Child , Love Yourself by Planning for Insurance

We utilize video ads to depict parental concerns through the themes of love and care, without resorting to images of critical illness, sadness, or fear. Our goal is to make parental love the driving force for change and to remind them to prioritize self-care for the unexpected. The story is narrated from a mother's perspective as she reflects on her family’s past and present experiences, confident that her children will lead an uninterrupted life because she has already made preparations for the future.

AIA: Delivering Love and Care Without Interruption

The feedback from agents following the launch of the video has been positive. It assists them in communicating a heartfelt message of love and the significance of taking care of oneself for the sake of one's family. With critical illness insurance in hand, they can be more confident in fulfilling their plans to provide full support to their loved ones in the future.

For those who are interested, whether you are parents in the sandwich generation or simply want to care for your loved ones, it's essential to be prepared and plan ahead with AIA's critical illness insurance. This will enable you to fully deliver support and care without any interruption.

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