Happiness is to be in the right place, at the right time.

Pruksa believes that "Happiness is to be in the right place, at the right time." If we live in the right place, happiness can take place.

So we launched the campaign #ความสุขทุกตารางนิ้ว (Happiness in every square inch), allowed everyone to share their happiness in their right space.

From the insight of homebuyers, they want to have a house that is both "pleased" and "practical." Prusak's house is the right choice for customers because the design houses that suitable space for everyone.

So this campaign started with communicating about "Happiness in Bangkok" through two photographers: Dr. Piang, a doctor who loves traveling, and Mr. Pravate, the visually impaired who loves taking pictures. They are taking pictures of the happiness of Thai people in Bangkok that communicate that joy is always hidden in every inch of Bangkok.

So we had many beautiful pictures that are filled with smiles of people in Bangkok. For example, an uncle selling fruit, enjoying his work in a familiar area, or a family brought their kids to the park and spent their free time together.

Along with VDO Interview of both photographers about their happiness in their right space.

Then, we wanted to communicate with the brand's strengths. That Pruksa's house has both Emotional and Functional issues. So, we made a total of 7 Key Visual Series, each of which shows the various home functions of the Pruksa. Those functions can make happiness in every square inch to customers. Such as the Triple Kitchen functions that make everyone enjoy the party in a large space.

After that, we created an online activity to allow customers to share their own happiness in their own right space. The audience generated their advertising that shows happiness in their house through Filter on Instagram and shared on their social media to amplify the campaign to be more famous.

We hope this campaign will inspire and encourage everyone to find their happiness in every day of life.