Musical Animation

It’s always Pfizer’s goal to give a good care of new-moms to have a better understanding about IPD, an infectious disease in young children, since most of Thai moms don’t aware and neglect to boost their child’s immunity against this disease, due to the difficulty of disease explanation / message and also the mis-allocated media touchpoints. Then it’s our mission to make sure that we deliver IPD knowledge thru the simplest and most friendly approach. Instead of using FEAR approach, like normal disease education, we visualised each IPD’s symptom with adorable IPD villain gangsters; featuring in a fun Musical Animation that truly inviting both mom and kids to dance and sing along with the IPD monsters. To enhance IPD gangsters execution further, we created print media and interactive poster to engage with audiences at the very-most-strategic touchpoints, which are the hospital and neighbourhood clinic, where moms can enjoy recording the AR interactive VDO with their kids. In short, every time moms do dancing and singing the song with all IPD monsters from both online and offline touchpoints, they will be educated about the symptom and how to protect their kids from IPD. This campaign was proven successfully delivered the desired message to target audience. Moms and kids can recognise the “Bye bye IPD” song and how to dance along. The best part is, we successfully made Thai’s parents understand more about IPD and know how to deal with it properly :)