3M Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter

Brand : 3M Filtrete
Product : 3M Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter 

Challenge : While air purifiers and PM2.5 dust masks were sold out every corner of Thailand this year, 3M Filtrete wanted to play a more significant role in the market since it is the most convenient and affordable option to take a very effective and efficient care of Thais from PM2.5 dust. A quick-yet-robust brand story of how 3M Filtrete is the best choice during this critical time must be established ASAP!

Issue : People always protect themselves and their beloved children and families from dangers and pollution outside their houses. In contrary, people ignore to get away from the invisible PM2.5 inside their houses. Since PM2.5 are so small and light, they are easily spread in the air everywhere including in the closed environment, including in the house.

Solution : Smile! Don’t be scared! Be safe from PM2.5 air pollution by staying inside. 3M Filtrete can protect your family at ease and in affordable way.

Big Idea : 3M Filtrete keeps you and your beloved family safe from scary PM2.5 air pollution.

Deliverable : Online Films (2 versions) to create mass awareness and Brochure as a sales tool.

Execution : Horror film is one of Thais’ most favourite entertainment always! It’s proven to be an attraction to mass audience, in all-level segments. Another fact about PM2.5, it has become a super scary thing to Thais ever this year, we have never been this enthusiast to avoid going outside like this before! Leveraging this kind of atmosphere in Thailand to a classic haunted-house ghost story is what we chose to adopt.

Result : The online film achieved more than 600k views within 1 month. It’s also proven to generate high engagement between brand and target audience in social media, people talking about how they were tricked by the film story and watched it till the end. Last but not least, the product page on 3M e-commerce website has been visited with an effective click-through rate.