Breaking the paradox! Driving the new brand's attitude while making a new high in sales.

Building a brand while making sales in 'functional drink' category is always a challenge. As functional as it may sound, in contrary, it is driven mainly by emotions. At the time, Sappe was moving its brand equity away from functional benefits and towards the attitude of self-caring. It was simply to make a belief that “Beauty is NOT a Coincidence." A very challenging yet exciting communication task, indeed.

To connect with current consumers and expand trial consumption to new target audiences, some consumers' insights exploration and verification works were carried out. This strategy was cascaded down to creatives to develop integrated brand communication campaign. A multi-phases campaign with a fully synchronized message strategy were deployed in sequences on multiple touch-points, with a hero web-film playing a lead role, together with Always-On and KOLs’ contents. Whether or not the sales result was a “coincidence”… IT SETS A NEW HIGH!