Choosing the right eyeglasses lens can change your life.

Beneath the key communication “ ชีวิตไม่มีสะดุด เต็มที่ได้สุดกับทุกบทบาทของชีวิต” (Make the most of every role in your life, live smoothly with the super clear and healthy eye vision), Essilor wants to educate their users that choosing the right eyeglasses lens will enable them to make the most of their daily life. So we decided to visualise real-life eyeglasses user experiences through a short film that portrays life of Mr. Sanya Kunakorn - a well-known actor and multitasking successful businessman.

Since Mr. Sanya Kunakorn is an iconic of eyeglasses wearing, smart-working, family man and also is a real user of Essilor, we then created the long-take online film that shows a day in a life of Mr. Sanya Kunakorn that is perfectified by Essilor’s vision. The film shows how Mr. Sanya can smoothly master his life along with multi roles and responsibilities. He enjoys every move in his life with high-quality Essilor lenses.

Beside the short film, we also created new Essilor key visual, showing an impactful result of the lens that empowers Mr. Sanya Kunakorn to enjoy his favourite activities both indoor and outdoor. The key visual shows how Essilor lens can protect and support his vision under several situations.

After the campaign launch, social media engagement had significantly improved. There were more discussions back and forth between the brand and target audiences. This communication campaign had raised awareness not only for the brand but also the importance of choosing the right eyeglasses lenses for your life. And that was well resonated with the brand selling line “See More. Do More”