NeuAcademy August 2019

Let’s exercise our learnings! NeuAcademy August 2019 put key fundamental knowledges in the previous months into more practical lessons. The highlighted classes in key 7 domains focused more on tactics in accomplishing tasks in; Client Management, Strategic Planning, Creative, Content and Design&Technology. These sessions encouraged participants to apply previous academic lessons on their daily works. And, in the coming months, there will be REFLECT sessions where the team will be summarising real use-cases to be shared, to create a “Learning from The Learnings” cycle. 


August 2019 was also our kick-start for CSR workshop in which we are not only put our learnings into practice but also expecting some real social contribution to improve our society. This is really an extra-mile given their busy daily work. A tough yet rewarding time. We have got some brave souls embarking on this 2019-2020 CSR project. It’s getting more exciting. Stay tuned. 

Class of August 2019

Consumer Analysis & Brand Direction by Nagorn Chotisangasa - Strategic Planning Associate Director - NeuMerlin

LAB : Managing CHUNK in Story-telling  by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG

7 Habits Rap-Yo! by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG

Dialogue in Practice by Wilawan Aow - Business Director - NMG

Maker Professional(er) Presentation Slide by Tumavait Vijakana - Director of Design & Technology - NMG

Deep Dive Branding Design by Saksit Lowarun - Design Director - SALAD

Google Tag Manager Best Practice by Nagorn Chotisangasa - Strategic Planning Associate Director - NeuMerlin