NeuAcademy November 2019

There were 3 classes highlighted in 3 key principles. In self-development area, we had Soft Skill in Practice - Creative Confidence that was the 3rd class of Soft Skill in Practice module 2019. It focused on internalizing yourself to make a better choice in what you do, in both work and life. In commercial design area, we had Visual Communication that integrated design theories and case studies that gives some ideas and techniques in unleashing full power of design works.  On the creative side, Idea Development Workshop for CSR was conducted to sharpen the idea development for our on-going CSR project, running towards the final pitching round.


Class of Nov 2019     

Soft Skill in Practise #3 - Creative Confidence by Wilawan Aow Business Director - NMG

Idea Development Workshop by Pwan Keskarn - Creative Director - NeuMerlin

Visual Communication by Dechathorn Thanaseana - Senior Content Designer - VIRT