LIVE STREAMING Realtime link between the digital and physical

It is obvious by now that channels of marketing are evolving and new avenues are being explored, especially with the meteoric rise of live streaming that is an exciting new bridge for consumers between digital communication and real world interactions to simultaneously share experiences.  

A growing number of marketing professionals believe that Live Streaming is reaching a critical mass of acceptance and utilization, and will go mainstream either within this year or, at most, one or two years ahead. The most popular of the live streaming services today is Periscope, and we would like to share some of the most innovative uses of Periscope and other live streaming platforms that have been blazing new paths of success within the past year.



The popular energy drink introduced Periscope as a new marketing platform at the Miami Music Week, with live viewings of the Red Bull Guest House for exclusive live performances and interviews of favorite artists, in parallel with posts on Twitter and Snapchat.



Already a popular music streaming app in its own right, they branched out to video live streaming in collaboration with Periscope to take users backstage with popular artists of the Irish indie music scene.



Recently, Mountain Dew used Live Streaming to engage with and give prizes to their loyal customers, by sending gifts and freebies to Twitter followers that clicked like while they were watching a live performance streaming on Periscope.



This venerable brand has also jumped on the live streaming bandwagon by hosting interviews with renowned astronomers, physicists and scientists on Periscope in order to enhance relations with their customers. 



They have been the most creative brand in utilizing Periscope, using Live Streaming to share an up-close-and-personal experience of the official signing of star footballer James Rodriguez as a representative of the sportswear brand.



How can you take advantage of Live Streaming? Here are some ideas:

1. Product launches 
2. Live interviews taking viewer questions
3. Letting popular celebrities personally present brands
4. Give a sneak peek of behind the scenes at hot events