3R The Future of Communication through CRM

When discussing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) , many people automatically think of direct mailings, email blasts, sending out newsletters, cross-selling initiatives, opening call centers or, especially nowadays, hosting social media platforms. 

These methods place a heavy emphasis on the front-end, as in what consumers can see, and aim for high volume and frequency, where "How to Say" a message takes center stage. But as social media and mobile communications become more mainstream, the sheer volume of frequency consumers are exposed to becomes so great that even the most well-crafted messages risks being drowned out in the crowd.

Even as users of Mobile Devices now check them upwards of 200 times per day, we are reaching a saturation point for front-end content that is fighting for eyeballs. Are we running out of ideas and new ways to tell a story? For the future, it appears “What to Say” that resonates best with consumers is becoming increasingly more important than “How to Say” especially in the area of CRM. 


The NeuLetter Team would like to introduce new concepts of CRM we call the “3R's” from the Content Team of VIRT Digital to show you the way we approach Relationship Communication in 2016.



This means using Big Data to capture teams of data of “raw” unfiltered, and fresh quality in our missions. It's true that using information that has been filtered and summarized can be helpful in producing other types of campaigns, but this may not translate to impactful CRM campaigns. Utilizing fresh, raw data leads to fresh CRM content that the consumer audience can genuinely discern. 



It's true that refining a message or working on “How to Say” can help make a message more palatable and interesting. But consumers are becoming more attuned to the artificiality of overly stage-managed messages. We have to be aware of the context of the message, for it to feel fresh and natural, by putting ourselves in the consumer's shoes and asking "If we were them, how how would we do it?"



Relevancy is really the heart of what good and effective CRM should be all about. By starting with "Raw" material from Big Data, you can capture what is meaningful for companies in an ecosystem and find what is really important to your target consumers. These days, it's not just a strong suggestion, it has become a must-do. For example, if your target market is first time internet users, then you need to truly understand and empathize with all the different reasons and ways they are utilizing the Internet, which you as a user for over 10 years can't accurately predict on your own.