Always On : Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

As mentioned, searching for reviews and product comparisons is becoming second nature for many consumers, so it is vital to make sure that content addressing these needs is carefully targeted to properly satisfy this behavior. 

No matter what sales channel, it is therefore important to understand strategy in embracing the concept of "Always-on". Marketing guru Paul Adams of Facebook was one of the early leaders to pioneer this framework, and we can adapt some of his brilliant ideas to the present day situation: 


1. Messages need to have consistent relevance to how consumers engage with the real world around them. 


2. Find out what genuinely make consumers excited and passionate and ask yourself, how do you address these positive feelings in the context of your brand?


3. Continuously roll out new content on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis that never stops. Social media needs to be able to maintain a fresh presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not just being active during peaks of interest.


4. Create lightweight, easily consumable content that fuels conversations. That content may all stem from a big idea or theme, but delivered in bite-sized morsels that are suitable for the small moments your audience will engage with it, such as during a working break, over a solitary meal, or scrolling through just before bedtime. 


5. Traditional short-term campaigns that focus on introducing new products or promoting new features are not going away, but they need be well planned and adapted to fit with the always-on concept, and needs to reach a brand's base of true fans in a way that sustains a continuous conversation, not just for a short time.


6. It is vital to encourage building a community around a brand that is focused on people, on consumer passions, and allow customers to interact with one another in the friendly space created for them. That way, they can actually get involved in generating content, which will magnify the brand's resonance and ensure that the conversation about it is "always on." 


7. Traditional advertising will still have its place, and an important one at that, but with more focus on a role that amplifies content, not simply direct selling.  There needs to be elements of entertaining, educating and encouraging ways to solve problems we all face in life. By adding to the consumer's quality of life, you build up credit that can translate to goodwill...and enhanced sales down the road.