NeuAcademy December 2019

Wrapping up year 2019 with final classes from all centers of excellence. In strategic thinking domain, we had a rerun class of  “mind chunking” technique for those who missed out the previous class, followed by  Chunk Up/Down LAB where participants exercised knowledge to structure their conversational strategy for given assignments. 


For creative, we internally introduced our newest released creative model that will be put into BETA test in Q1 2020 - aiming to officially launch for our clients in Q2 2020. In soft skill, the wrap-up class was a compilation of all proven techniques and practices that will unlock your creative mind. 


In design domain, the top 30 tips compilation 2019 that make ads perform had been reviewed and relearn to reapply on 2020. 


Lastly in Digital Design, we discussed about the “Bridge” between Digital Marketing and Digital Design objectives in order to have a more effective design solution that deliver more precise marketing result. 


Stay tuned for NeuAcademy 2020! 


Class of December 2019


Digital Media Advertising Objectives from Designer Perspective by  Rapeepan Thongsom - Content Design Group Head - VIRT 

Multi-Tone of The Key Idea by Pwan Keskarn - Creative Director - NeuMerlin

Design Tips 30 Creative Format for Ads by Saksit  Lowarun - Associate Design Director - SALAD

Chunking Model for Structuring Idea by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG

Creative Mind LAB - by Wilawan Aow Business Director - NMG